do you know any shows where it's just nine muses ? or any show similar ? :)

Nine Muses hasn’t had any shows where its just there’s, for example unlike Infinite they didn’t have a show like Ranking King, or Infinite Days or like SNSD’s Dangerous boys

But lately they have guest starred in shows

Hyuna, Erin, and Minha guest stared on a comedy show (x)

Sera’s doing a cameo for a drama (x)

Sera, Sam, and Sungah were on Beatles Codes (x)

Minha was on KBS Vitamin (x)

Kyungri was on All The Kpop (x)

they’ve had quite a lot of interviews (there are more i’m just too lazy to look for them all, im sorry) (x)(x)(x)(x)

they’ve been on weekly idol twice (x)(x)

they were on 3 idiots with vixx (x)

minha and eunji were on let’s go dream team (x)

and they have the documentary (x)

and that’s kind of all the recent stuff I can think of, I hope this helped?

You can also ask ranya she’ll know more than me, or 9muses or nine9memories

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